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POPart: The Musical

WE'RE off to see the wizard when 18-year old impressionable and slightly batty Kitty Katz enrolls in art school in this high-octane, irreverent, and campy original musical. Kitty's suburbia-to-ghetto-to-SHoHo story gives us giant canvas glimpses of insanity, inspiration, acceptance...and plenty of that stuff called art. read full synopsis at official site

Production Stills:
{New York Musical Theatre Festival, September/October 2010}

Photos: Peter James Zielinski / Pictured (clockwise from left): Jose Luaces, Zachary Clause, Jamaal Wilson & Marla Mindelle, Jason Michael Snow, Jillian Louis

Production Stills:
{workshop, Coastal Carolina University, October/November 2008}

Video Highlight Reel:
{workshop, Coastal Carolina University, October/November 2008}

Character Breakdown:
{4 principle women, 4 principle men, mixed ensemble of 4 to 15—depending on cast doubling}

* Dr. Bore, f, 40s or 50s, art history professor and our narrator
* Kitty Katz, f, 18, our heroine, blossoming American pie
* Mother/Homeless Woman, f, 40ish
* Father/Homeless Man, m, 40ish
* Toni-O, m, 18-20, ambiguous in ethnicity, smart-ass with a heart of gold
* Edward, m, 18-20, sensitive with a quiet and possibly-disturbed confidence
* Ms. Hamm, f, 40ish, warm, bumbling drawing teacher
* Mr. Manne, m, 30ish to 40ish, pompous and perverted painting teacher
* Miss St. Helen, f, late 20s, shy and nervous design teacher, until she talks about art
* Ensemble, various roles, chorus, 4 to 15 (Veronica, Father, Mr. Sorensen, Hugo the nude model, Lucille the critic, Benedict the critic, various students and faculty)


Act Two

Breakthrough (Art Students)
Watch the Birdy (Edward)
Crit This! (All)
Committed (Kitty & Mother)
Without Us (Kitty, Toni-O, & Edward)
Pop (All)

Act One

I Blend In (Kitty, Ensemble)
Smells Like Art (Toni-O, Kitty, Ensemble)
Shine, Kitty, Shine (Kitty)
Without Me (Ensemble)
Be Free (Ms. Hamm, Ensemble)
Ah, Oui (Mr. Manne, Ensemble)
Art Is Your Rock (Miss St. Helen, Ensemble)
Paint by the Numbers (Kitty)
Meltdown (Homeless Man & Woman)

Vocalists: Kitty: Natalie Newman, Mother/Dr. Bore/ Ms. Hamm: Amanda Conlon, Toni-O: Tommy Labanaris, Edward: Taylor Buice, Mr. Manne: Jared Bradshaw, Miss St. Helen: Aaron McAllister, Ensemble: Amanda Conlon, Jackie Dulong, Crista Johnson, Michael Morch, Gregory Van Acker, Jamaal Wilson. Piano: Aaron McAllister. Recorded at Lo-Fish Studios, NYC. Engineer: John Hopkins.

Development History:

Next Link Project Selection in the 2010 New York Musical Theatre Festival
Read the article on

York Theatre Company (staged reading), New York City, March, 2009
POPart: The Musical was selected to participate in the York's Off-Broadway Developmental Reading Series. Directed by Chad Larabee.

Coastal Carolina University Department of Theatre, Workshop, Myrtle Beach, SC, October/November, 2008
The workshop was fully-staged and included orchestrations. Directed by Monica Bell.

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Creative Team:
Chad Larabee, Director