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In a small blue collar Ohio town, 8-year old Ethan Hale falls through the ice and is miraculously saved.But no one sees the rescue. And no one steps forward as the hero. So when Ethan, who not long ago lost his dad in a freak accident, insists that it was a "birdman," his family struggle with hard questions about faith and their own capacity for hope as the town watches the mystery unravel. read more at official site

Character Breakdown:
{Principles: 4 f, 3m; Ensemble: 2 f, 2m}

* Ethan Hale, 8 years old
* Eve Hale, mid to late 20s , Ethan’s mother, Sam's sister, widow
* Sam Ogden, 30s, chief of police, Ethan’s uncle
* James Hale, 29, a dreamer and a memory
* Dr. Ruth Conti, 40s to 50s, psychiatrist
* Iris Conti, 60s to 70s, Ruth’s mother, has Parkinson's Disease
* Bridget "Bridge" Simovitz, 18, college student, Ethan’s babysitter, activist
* Ensemble, (2 men, 2 women), various roles and chorus


Act Two

Lift (Company)
The Best Day of My Life (Iris)
Invincible (Bridge, Ethan)
Proof (Reprise) (Sam)
Let Go (Sam, Eve, James)
Feathers (Ethan)
To Save Us (Ruth)
I Feel It All (Company)

Act One

Look at the Sky (Eve, Ethan, Sam, James, Ensemble)
A Little History (Ruth, Sam)
See-Through (Iris)
Here I Am (Ruth, Eve)
We Get Up (Ensemble)
Proof (Sam, James)
Inside Out (Bridge)
Lost/Found/Lost (Company)

Development History:
Week-long Workshop & Staged Reading, Coastal Carolina University (Myrtle Beach, SC), October, 2013. Directed by Gary John LaRosa.

Private Staged reading, New York City (Pearl Studios), March 19, 2010
Directed by Gary John LaRosa. See the full cast at the Lift website.

York Theatre Company (staged reading), New York City, May 15, 2008
lift was selected to participate in the York's Off-Broadway Developmental Reading Series. Directed by Susan Einhorn.