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Tie the Knot
a new original musical comedy
2 men / 2 women / 90 minutes [no intermission]

Stage of Development:
At the halfway point. First draft.

An American city. Present day. Two talented but hopelessly unknown writers stay financially afloat by crafting original songs for weddings (anniversaries, and bar mitzvahs) and a cavalcade of couples, in the process trying to decode both the art of the song and the art of the relationship.

* Olive "Liv" Hack, f, 30s, ballsy novelist hiding a soft core
* Spencer Fry, m, 30s, ambitious pianist and composer with a romantic streak
* Woman, f, various roles, age 20 to 70
* Man, m, various roles, age 13 to 70

Queen Cotton
a new original musical comedy
4 men / 5 women / ensemble / Two Acts

Stage of Development:
Concepting phase / on hold because of large cast size

Post Civil-War south. A plantation. In this tasteless "southern romp", slavery's sort of over, Papa's real dead, and Mama (played by a man in drag) has finally become Queen Cotton.