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NEW York City. July 13, 1977. Four New Yorkers—high, low, charged, broke, strangers, sisters, black, white—navigate a city of swelling temptation and simmering anger, a time of random fires and swinging sex, and streets where soul and disco serenade the down and up. And they harbor buried hope there's a light at the end of that long, cracking tunnel. Until the power goes out. All of it. And they're forced into a night of both fantasy and nightmare where they'll come together before they come out the other side. read full synopsis at official site

Character Breakdown:
{4 women, 4 men}

* Alice Delancey, f, late 30s, Italian-American, physician
* Cora Johnson, f, 19 or 20, African-American, student
* Marie Leo, f, early 30s, Italian-American, Alice’s sister, runs a Brooklyn bodega
* Sean Goonan, m, early 20s, Irish-American, single father
* Roderick/Ensemble, African-American m, early 30s, various roles
* Mrs. O'Hegerty/Ensemble, f, 40s to 50s, various roles
* Gus/Ensemble, m, 40s to 50s, various roles
* Ensemble, m, 20s to 50s, various roles


Act Two

Loot (All)
Who Are You? (Sean, Cora, Marie, Alice)
Loot (Reprise) (Cora, Ensemble)
In the Dark (Marie, Alice)
Tiny (Reprise) (Sean)
Jump (Cora)
I Am Alive (Cora, Marie, Alice)

Act One

I Am New York (All)
Flip-Side (Cora)
Take a Ride (Marie)
This Man's World (Alice, Marie, Cora)
Tiny (Sean)
Slave (Cora, Roderick)
The Cure (Alice)
Bridge and Tunnel (Sean, Male Ensemble)
Power (All)

Vocalists: Cora: Asmeret Ghebremichael, Marie: Tory Ross, Alice: Lisa Howard, Sean: Taylor Buice. Piano: Aaron McAllister. Recorded at Lo-Fish Studios, NYC. Engineer: John Hopkins.

Development History:
NYC readings are in the planning stages for the winter/spring of 2010.

Creative Team:
Diana Basmajian, Director