lift has been selected to be part of the NAMT Festival of New Musicals in NYC in October

lift just recorded a new demo of the post-workshop version of the musical. Lots of new songs!

lift had a week-long developmental workshop and reading at Coastal Carolina University

September 30/2010
POPart: The Musical opens at the New York Musical Theatre Festival featuring a cast of exciting newcomers and Broadway favorites!

ANNOUNCEMENT: POPart: The Musical is an official jury selection of the
New York Musical Theatre Festival 2010!

Both POPart: The Musical and lift are selected as FINALISTS in the New York Musical Theatre Festival Next Link Project. Official selections announced the week of June 1!

lift was performed in a closed industry reading in NYC on the 19th. Gary John LaRosa directed.

Aaron McAllister (composer) and Daryl Lisa Fazio (lyricist/librettist) are an emerging writing team who met in 2006 as new professors at Coastal Carolina University. Within weeks of discovering one was a playwright and the other a composer, they were at work on their first musical, a completely original concept that became the dramatic piece, lift. After that six-month intensive writing process, both were eager for a change of pace and turned to...

[4 principles, 4 ensemble]

New York City. July 13, 1977. Four New Yorkers—high, low, charged, broke, strangers, sisters, black, white—navigate a city of swelling temptation and simmering anger, a time of random fires and swinging sex, and streets where soul and disco serenade the down and up. And they harbor a buried dream that there's a light at the end of...

[8 principles, 4-12 ensemble]

We’re off to see the wizard when 18-year old impressionable and slightly batty Kitty Katz enrolls in art school in this high-octane, irreverent, and campy original musical. Kitty's suburbia-to-ghetto-to-SHoHo story gives us giant canvas glimpses of insanity, inspiration, acceptance...and plenty of that stuff called art.

[8 principles, 4-8 ensemble]

In a small Ohio town, 8-year old Ethan Hale falls through the ice and is miraculously saved.But no one sees the rescue. And no one steps forward as the hero. So when Ethan, who not long ago lost his dad in a freak accident, insists that it was a "birdman," his family struggle with hard questions about faith and their own capacity for hope as the town watches the mystery unravel.